Best CrossFit Gyms in North Dublin

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When starting on a fitness journey, not many people can decide whether they want to invest in home gym equipment, hire a personal trainer, or join a gym. CrossFit can give you all these benefits. CrossFit is a whole-body workout, and a lot is fitted into one workout session. Reap the rewards of CrossFit today.  CrossFit provides strength training and conditioning exercises that work for everyone of all fitness levels. So, if you are tempted into CrossFit, here are some of the best CrossFit gyms in North Dublin.  

Crossfit Gyms North Dublin

CrossFit BUA  

CrossFit BUA gym in Santry, North Dublin is one of the leading and premium strength and conditioning gym facilities providing classes for people of every fitness level. The warehouse gym is located near the Omni shopping centre, Santry. CrossFit is a combination of disciplines from high intensity cardio exercises, gymnastics, and weightlifting with the main goal to develop elite fitness levels. Everyday athletes set new standards and break down barriers for themselves with the help from CrossFit BUA. The coaches are there to help guide you through the process, help you learn, and motivate you through your CrossFit fitness journey. The gym currently has 12 CrossFit classes a day. Their classes cover various times and suit everybody’s schedule. The gym offers a variety of memberships on a month-to-month basis these include unlimited membership, student membership, and teen membership. The gym facility is equipped with top class equipment and some of the leading brands in the world.  

CrossFit 353

CrossFit 353 aims to get you moving fitter and better, through excellent coaching and safe movements in their premium gym facility in point square, Dublin 1. They aim to provide a premium fitness experience that you will love. The programmes they offer include CrossFit, personal training, and body composition. The range of classes that they offer is for every athlete of all fitness levels and abilities. The CrossFit programme and classes are the best training on the market, and they change the classes every day 6 days a week. If you want to join a motivated and fun-loving group of coaches and clients, then CrossFit 353 is for you. Their CrossFit memberships include online classes, monthly payment, 6 months prepay, and 12 months prepay membership. The classes are held at times suitable and convenient for every client throughout the day. You can book a free trial with CrossFit 353.  

CrossFit DSC

CrossFit DSC is North Dublin’s premier CrossFit box facility. Their members are some of Ireland’s most successful on a national level and in many clubs and CrossFit events around the country. CrossFit consists of various and functional movements all executed at high intensity. If you are seeking to increase your strength and conditioning, then CrossFit is for you. The gym is fully equipped with high quality equipment, is certified, and open 6 days a week. This includes 4 days of classes and 2-day open gym. They offer a wide range of classes suitable for every fitness level and requirement. Every athlete is welcome from beginners to experienced. Get in the best shape of your life and learn the best CrossFit techniques with CrossFit DSC. Their friendly and experienced coaches will guide you through the process in a challenging and fun way. The gym offers a wide range of prices these include 2 sessions per week €80, 3 sessions per week €100 monthly, unlimited membership €125 per month, beginner course €100, and drop-in classes €15. CrossFit DSC also offers personal training one to one sessions and small group training. Check them out on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.  

CrossFit Santry

CrossFit Santry is one of the top strength and fitness gym and training facilities in Dublin. It comprises of a group of eager and young coaches that want to learn and change the Irish CrossFit direction for the better. Their coaches come from the commercial fitness industry and consistently strive to improve every training standard and always educate themselves in the latest training philosophies and modern techniques. They believe health and fitness is for everyone from every fitness level beginners to advanced. No matter what your goal is, strength training, fat loss, or just for fun CrossFit Santry can cater to everyone’s needs and fitness levels. Every class is coached to the highest standards by committed and passionate coaches who will always deliver the very best to every client through their CrossFit techniques and skills. The facility offers a wide range of membership options these include unlimited membership €130 per month, 3-day membership €110 per month, personal training sessions €50 per session, and fit kid’s classes €45 per month. You can also sign up and try a free class to get a feel for their facility and how good you can become. They have a training and fitness solution for everyone so sign up today. 

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