Why SEO is Important for SMEs in Dublin  

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Many Irish SME’s are missing out on the huge potential of Ireland’s share of the European E-Commerce market which is valued at €9 billion. In a recent report, 22% of Irish SME’s still have no presence online. The e-commerce market is set to grow to €14 billion by 2021. Is your business missing out on a huge number of potential customers? A professional SEO Company specialise in the delivery and the creation of result driven campaigns. Many services provided include Search Engine Optimisation, Web Design, Google AdWords, PPC Management, and much more. Any Irish SME is competing at a national and international level so in order to be competitive in the Irish and International search engines you need a complete and effective marketing campaign. Why not start today and get your business out of the 22% and into the 9 billion markets.

So, why is SEO important for SME’s in Dublin: 

1. Increase Website Traffic 

You want your business to rank as high as possible on search engines. With the right phrases and keywords, consumers will be able to find your business right in top search rankings. Generally, for Google, 18% of organic clicks go to the number 1 position, while 10% go in 2nd place, and 7% in 3rd, so the higher you rank the more traffic you receive. In turn, eventually leads to the growth of your business and increased sales.

2. Brand Awareness 

The easiest and the best way to create brand awareness is through devices and screens from your target audience. Share content through social media, your website, and other platforms. Also, implement the right SEO, add quality content to your website with the right keywords and you are sure to attract an audience and show up on search engines.

3. Social Media Interactions 

Social interactions have become very important to SME businesses these past few years. Sharing content is the key to gaining more social media presence. Start by sharing a recent blog that you may have done on social media pages and your website. This will drive more traffic to your website and gain you more online sales. SEO and Social Media together can increase profits and turnovers.

4. User Experience 

SEO is about providing the User who is searching online with relevant information on products and services that you are selling in their area. Showing relevant information to your potential buyers gives them a better user experience which would mean they will more than likely choose your business over another competitor.

5.  SEO is here to stay 

SEO is here to stay. Its importance will only increase as the years go on and into the future. There is no better time for your SME business in Dublin to start an SEO campaign today. Best practices and tactics for SEO solutions are constantly evolving and changing. Stay well educated and updated with the latest news on Search Engine Optimisation. To remain in the top spot hiring a professional SEO company is the right idea.

6.  Your Dublin Competitors are utilising SEO 

Gaining a top spot on search engines isn’t always guaranteed but it is certain that most businesses in Dublin are utilising some sort of SEO strategy. An SEO company will work consistently to get your business to the top and remain in that position. Any SME business has the chance to gain the first-page ranking results. Once the right SEO strategies are in place for your business, you are sure to see results in new consumers and profitable sales and revenue.

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